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Apr 3 2009

Beats Broke: #2 Austin Record Label


Beats Broke was voted the second best record label in Austin at the 2008-2009 Austin Music Awards, hosted by the Austin Chronicle, during SXSW 2009! Thank you so much to our fans, family, and everyone in-between who voted for us. Last year we were voted the fifth best label in Austin, so we’re obviously killing it on the reg.

No thanks, however, go out to Fat Caddy Records who have been holding us down for the past two years. Last year we let you have it; we were new on the scene and didn’t want to get greedy. We let you have the number one spot, and opted for a considerate middle-ground as the fifth best label in Austin. This year, though, you felt it necessary to withhold that framed certificate from us. Now, it’s personal. IT’S ON FAT CADDY RECORDS!

You are the Scottie Pippen to our Michael Jordan…no, wait…you are Horace Grant. Yeah, I said it…Horace Grant! You’ll be busy polishing your Rec Specs at home while we’re slamming it down from the free throw line with our tongue out at next year’s Austin Music Awards. I hope you like quiet evenings alone with your wife, Jon, because you’re going to have a lot of them in the future. BOOM!

No, but seriously, you’re going down…