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Jun 30 2007

C-Mon & Kypski – SB Dunks

I just caught word that C-Mon & Kypski designed their own Skateboarding shoe for Nike, released exclusively in Europe and Asia. Wheeeeeeeew!

They also released a track in colaboration with the shoe, which can be heard on their website. The soundwave on the side of the dunks was taken from that song.

C-Mon & Kypski make a crazy Clocktave appearance on the yet-to-be released Max Fischer album, “Nobody Knew.” The Clocktave, created by Kypski and DJ Sjam, is a progressive-toned scratch record of multiple instruments recored in multiple octaves. No longer are dj’s forced to scratch only rhythmically, but now they can play the Clocktave melodically as well.

Jun 18 2007


Three cheers to the illest beat-conductor in Holland…


Wish Inf your own personal birthday greetings here.

Jun 12 2007

perC’s Solo Debut

perC. rips “Kruistocht” at his solo debut performance last Saturday, June 9th, during the Realness Festival in Amsterdam. He’s currently working on a full-length, produced by Inf, to be released later this year.