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Jan 30 2009

Dance-A-Thon: January 30 @ Creekside (Austin, TX)


Our friend Beef at High Society is throwing a Dance-A-Thon tonight at the Creekside Lounge in Austin, TX. He also dj’s under the name Hot Britches!, and he isn’t afraid to pull out some Third Eye Blind to get the party jumping.

The party is only $8 to get in, and there is free Red Bull and Lone Star until the hipsters sop it all up. Damn them hipsters. You can also win a crisp $100 bill for being the best dancer at the spot, but if you win it would be appreciated if you keep the Red Bull and Lone Star flowing.

This all jumps off at 9:30, with performances by Teamwork, Hot Britches!, and Da Miing. There will also be a photo booth* by Trevor Ray Thompson where you can pose with a sweaty shirtless Beef.

 Be there.

*Facebook not included.

Jan 27 2009

All-Star Jam Fundraiser: February 22 @ Tivoli (Utrecht, NL)


Tivoli is hosting an all-star jam fundraiser for Arts The Beatdoctor and In Stereo. The proceeds from the concert will assist their travel expenses to the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! (that’s all we chant over here…you’ll get used to it).

The star-studded event is a jam session featuring members of C-Mon & Kypski, In Stereo, Arts The Beatdoctor, Illicit, Nobody Beats The Drum, Jae, 207, Boemklatsch, Keynote Speakers, and many more!

All-Star Jam
Tivoli De Helling (Utrecht, NL)
February 22, 2009
Doors: 19.00 / Show: 20.30
Tickets: €10

And if that’s not enough to curl your toes, rumor has it Arts The Lovedoctor will be throwing out free kisses to the ladies that evening. SMOUCH!

Jan 26 2009

Arts The Beatdoctor & In Stereo – Invited to SXSW


I am proud to announce that Arts The Beatdoctor and In Stereo (Kapabel & perCeptie) have been selected to the SXSW Music Festival, taking place in our beautiful hometown of Austin, Texas on March 18-22, 2009. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome both groups with open arms on their first U.S. venture.

Holland is representing SXSW hard this year with other announced acts such as Awkward I, Kraak & Smaak, Le Le, Lucky Fonz III, Monokino, Pete Philly & Perquisite, and Scram C Baby. If you’re going Dutch, make sure you buy wristbands as early as possible; they always sell-out quickly.

Arts The Beatdoctor and In Stereo are also available for SXSW day parties and limited March touring in the Texas area. If you’d like us to play a show, email me at and we’ll work it out!

Jan 20 2009

Vote Beats Broke – Austin Music Awards

The Austin Chronicle is holding it’s annual Austin Music Awards poll, and we would love your help. Last year Beats Broke was voted the 5th best label in Austin, and this year we’re trying to break into the top 3.

If you could take a minute of your time, please write “Beats Broke” in the last entry field (Local Label – before the Hall of Fame nominees) on the ballot below:

The poll ends January 31, so there’s only about 10 days left to vote. With your help, we can keep the buzz going locally and abroad.

Thank You!

Jan 12 2009

Microsoft Ruins Everything (Songsmith)

Microsoft released Songsmith last Thursday, a program which lets you create songs using just your voice. You record your vocals over a drum track, and Songsmith does the rest by matching your melody with appropriate chords. You then can adjust your style of music and tempo through easy to use drop-down menus which basically do the creative work for you.

This is the ultimate in music production software if you happen to be an eleven year-old girl who wants to express her inner Jonas Brother with “the cool new thing.” Since everyone already is a DJ and rapper, with Songsmith now everyone can be a producer! Looks like Inf is out of a job.  :)

The most confusing part of this all is in the commercial they’re using a MacBook Pro with flower stickers covering up the Apple logo. I don’t think this video is a spoof, I think it’s just damn sloppy advertising. I’m leaving you all with an open letter to Microsoft. I hope the message finds its way.

- -

Dear Microsoft,

Make the Songsmith nightmare go away. You already have the internet…please, don’t take music from us.

Beats Broke

p.s. - Stop ruining everything.