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Jul 17 2009

Beyond Race Magazine: Skiggy Rapz Review


Skiggy Rapz
“Bang to the Boogie EP”

Skiggy Rapz proves that there is a way to release a rap disk that is both fun and full of substance. When the Dutch rapper, singer and producer spits about clothes, cars, or posers in the rap game, it’s not a way to boost his own image but rather it is in jest.

“On Runnin’ Outta of Sole,” he raps “I’m a writer but Skiggy ain’t no rider, drive a fast car? I don’t even have a license.” Rapz flow is impressive, shooting out words in sticatto form, never missing a beat. Even if you can’t understand a single word he is saying, Rapz is good at slowing down in time for catchy hooks and choruses that make you want to sing along.

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The EP is available now on iTunes, and in the Beats Broke store.