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Apr 22 2007

Per.verz – Video Interview

Hip-Hop Injesmoel just posted a video interview with up-and-coming Dutch emcee Per.verz.Inf is currently producing a few tracks for him. Look for Inf’s name on Per.verz’s giant notepad. We don’t know why he has a giant notepad.

Apr 16 2007

Inf at the Mega Record Fair in Utrecht

This weekend Inf made it out to the annual Mega Record & CD Fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Above is a picture of him (left) at The Breaks meet & greet with a fellow break-head. According to the British monthly magazine Record Collector, the international bible for record collectors, this is the record convention of the year to attend. Utrecht is certainly Europe’s biggest fair and possibly the world’s, together with the New York record fair. “They really are the king and the queen of fairs around the world,” states the Record Collector in its March 2007 issue.