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Feb 27 2007

Cratediggin: Diggen In Maastricht

Inf has a new article about digging in Maastricht, Holland. He took some great picts and ripped a few mp3s from the gems he dug up. The articles are written in Dutch, so if you need help deciphering the message, check out

Read Inf’s old digging articles below:

Cratediggin (An Introduction) — 3 March 2006
Cratediggin: De Kringloop (The Thriftshops) — 14 April 2006
Cratediggin: Hair Special — 25 June 2006
Cratediggin: Diggen In New Jersey/New York — 13 August 2006
Cratediggin: Drumbreaks Galore — 30 September 2006
Cratediggin: Diggen In India — 12 January 2007

Feb 25 2007

Max Fischer & Inf on Dutch National Radio

KINK-FM (Dutch National Radio) premier Max Fischer & Inf – “Part of a Scheme” on Saturday, February 24th.

Here’s the English translation to the dj’s intro announcement:

“Today we have one of my personal favorites, Max Fischer & Inf – ‘Part of a Scheme.’ Inf, you obviously know, is from H.I.J.S. ( He’s always digging like a madman and writes articles about it. He also produces and raps, but I believe he may have quit rapping? That’s how I learned about him, he dropped a solo album and I was so impressed by that release I was like, ‘Who is this dude!?!’ I’m gonna dig that album up soon and we’ll play a track from it cause it’s very nice. But now he has a hookup with Max Fischer from America and the result is ‘Part of a Scheme.’”

Other artists featured on the hour-long hip-hop show were The Notorious B.I.G., The Game, Killah Priest, Jedi Mind Tricks and El-P.

Download: Max Fischer & Inf – Part Of A Scheme
Download: Entire Radio Broadcast
Stream in Windows Media: Entire Radio Broadcast

Feb 23 2007

Deep Crates Part 2 – Trailer

Feb 16 2007

C-Mon & Kypski – Onder Invloed

01. Hey, What Do You Wanna Do Today?
02. Organized Konfusion – ‘Intro’
03. KMD – ‘Sweet Premium Wine’
04. EPMD – ‘The Big Payback’
05. Kypski’s Old School Scratch
06. Marley Marl – ‘Cheatin’ Days Are Over’
07. Kypski’s New School Scratch
08. Sam Sever – ‘What’s That Sound?’
09. The Roots – ‘Distortion To Static’
10. Brand Nubian – ‘Allah U Akbar’
11. The Fugees – ‘Vocab’
12. Led Zeppelin – ‘Good Times, Bad Times’
13. C-Mon & Kypski ft. Voicst – ‘Eyes On The Road’

Selected by C-Mon & Kypski
Mixed & Scratched by Kypski

Download: C-Mon & Kypski – Onder Invloed