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Mar 24 2008

The World’s Greatest Music Collection

Think you have a lot of records? Think again…



The supposed greatest music collection in the world is up for grabs on eBay, with an opening bid of $3 million dollars. Europeans, now is your time to take full advantage of the low U.S. dollar. The conversion rate makes this collection a mere $1.9 million Euros. :)

Included in this mouth-watering collection (which takes up a 16,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse) are:

  • 1,500,000 + 45 RPM Records
  • 1,000,000 +/- LPs
  • 300,000 +/- CDs
  • Thousands of 78 RPM Records, Cassettes and 8-Track Tapes
  • The First CD Ever Produced (only 300 pressed)
  • The First Flat Phonograph Record (1888)
  • All Five Elvis Presley Singles on Sun Records
  • The Rarest Rolling Stones LP (only 300 pressed)

This accounts for 99% of all charted music, which is neatly data based, shelved and preserved by a man who surprisingly claims to have a wife. C’mon dude, we know you’re lying…


Mar 13 2008

Beats Broke: Top 5 Austin Record Label

That’s right! Beats Broke was voted the fifth best record label in Austin at the 2007-08 Austin Music Awards hosted last night by the Austin Chronicle at the Austin Music Hall. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us. This really means a lot as Austin has so many record labels releasing so much good music; it really is an honor.

The 26th annual music awards kick off one of the best music festivals in the country…SXSW! There is so much music, it’s a sensory overload.

Last night I saw one of my favorite art-punk bands, The Mae Shi, and tonight I hit up the party. I’m especially looking forward to the weekend as C-Mon & Kypski and The Show is the Rainbow will be playing their official showcases. Whenever The Show is the Rainbow plays, things go BOOM!

Again, thanks to everyone in beautiful Austin, Texas for embracing our little label.

Mar 8 2008

Share & Tell – Music Videos

Here are two recent videos I feel the need to share. First off is a peak at the new Roots album, and HOT DAMN am I excited! Looks like we’re getting the raw grimey Roots I never thought we’d see again. Lets hope the rest of the album follows through style-wise:

And last, but most certainly not least, is the single from the debut Nobody Beats the Drum album. This Utrecht electro super group is our extended fam, so show them some love:

Mar 2 2008

Stuff White People Like

It’s been awhile since my last post. Why so long you ask? Well, I’ve been obsessing over a new blog dedicated to stuff white people like.

At last I can rest assured that I’m not the only one who loves both Mos Def AND Michel Gondry, expensive sandwiches, irony, non-profit organizations, and having black friends. Hell, I even enjoy standing still at concerts!

Unfortunately I dislike of coffee, divorce and 80s nights, so I have doubts as to exactly how white I am. 93%…81%…68%…how many licks does it take to get to the juicy white center of a Ryan Pop? The world may never know…