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Dec 25 2007



Dec 18 2007

Title Fight: RAR vs. ZIP

First off, a big thank you to everyone who made our launch an overwhelming success on Friday! The Kapabel & Inf album is being downloaded like wildfire, and the feedback for the new site has been killer. Boom!

Now on to the main event…RAR vs. ZIP.

A very few select Mac users have contacted me regarding difficulties opening the Kapabel & Inf download, which is a .RAR file. After some research, I discovered the issue is when the .RAR is downloaded through Safari on a Macintosh. If you have a Mac, you’ll need to use Firefox / Mozilla / ect. to download the album!

If you use Safari, the download turns into splat of jibberish code. I would make up a b.s. excuse for why it doesn’t unzip when downloaded, but I can’t come up with anything except for “Y2K” or “9-11.”

From what we’ve “heard,” most albums on bit torrents, file sharing programs and mp3 blogs are available as a .RAR. This seems to be the popular means of compression, so we thought we’d share in this pretentious file extension extravaganza with our free album download. However, we could be wrong…and here is where you get to voice your opinion:

What is your preferred method of file compression for receiving music?

  • .ZIP
  • .RAR
  • something else?

Place your bets, and respond below. Who shall stand victorious?!?

Dec 14 2007

This is Beats Broke.

Welcome to the new and improved Beats Broke website!

We are launching today in celebration of the EP by Kapabel & Inf titled, “De Avonturen van Kapabel en Inf.” The release party is tonight in Utrecht, NL at Ekko – along with perCeptie’s full-length debut (both produced by Inf).

Before this site kicks loose, there is a short list of people I’d like to thank. They are the best of the best, and have all done such a wonderful job contributing to this website. These creatives must not go unnoticed. I’d like to thank…

  • Myself
  • Aaron Baluczynski (x100 for his html and general web magic)
  • Inf (for making this label possible, period)
  • Martijn Hogenkamp (for the wonderful logo)
  • Elizabeth Cobbe (for the copyrighting and editing)
  • Roel Determeijer (for the photography)
  • Dekaff Avenue Studios (for the Kapabel & Inf artwork)
  • Arts the Beatdoctor / Max Fischer / Inf / Kapabel / Pax & Pry

In celebration (half way across the world from the album release), we will be having our own kick off of sorts in Austin, TX.

Join us for a drink and general good times tonight (Friday) at Opal Divines on 700 W. 6th Street. We’re gathering at 10 pm on the 2nd floor…word on the street is they have Battleship.


Dec 1 2007


1) The new and improved Beats Broke website will be launching in less than two weeks. This is the highlight of my year, and I’ve very excited to finally make this official. At that time (December 14th) there will be two albums you can download for FREE…the new EP from Kapabel & Inf and Pax & Pry’s “A Day at the Office.”

2) To do so, I have to freeze this blog so I can roll over all these posts to the new site. I’ll be gone for a minute, but back harder than ever before you know it. See you soon with all the bells and whistles.