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Oct 21 2008

DJ Alamo Interviews Sneaky Pete on


“Grand Puba, Stud Doogie, and Alamo…”

DJ Alamo, of Brand Nubian fame, recently interviewed Sneaky Pete about his upcoming album Monkey Business. Pete gives us the lowdown on who influenced him as an artist, music he’s feeling, and where he sees himself in five years.

While you’re there, check out This is the site that introduced Sneaky Pete to Ludacris (and vise versa). Upload your tracks and share with the world, yo.

P.S. – I jam Grand Puba’s Reel to Reel tape in the hooptie. Yes, I still have a cassette deck…

Oct 2 2008

Austin Sound Check Reviews “Progressions”


Ana Wolken over at couldn’t get enough of Arts The Beatdoctor’s Progressions, so she followed up last week’s feature with a review of the EP. Here’s what she had to say:


Progressions is a mere five songs, but they are well-produced and executed. The most striking thing about Progressions is how much the overall sound differs from mainstream American hip-hop. Where American hip-hop is centered on bass and samples, Progressions feels more like a trance record with some breakbeats and a splash of traditional hip-hop hallmarks.”

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Purchase Progressions at…
Beats Broke ($4.99 digital / $9.99 vinyl)
iTunes ($3.99 digital)
Amazon ($4.95 digital)