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Dec 8 2008

Arts The Beatdoctor’s “Be Alright” Hits Japan!



Christmas has come early for us this year, as we are proud to announce that Beats Broke has invaded Japan!

Arts The Beatdoctor’s “Be Alright” was released on a Japanese compilation album titled Beat┬áStudies: Lesson Two on Friday, December 5th. The record is delivered courtesy of P-Vine Records out of Tokyo, and includes all-time great Large Professor. Wheeeewwwwww!

I’m trying to get my hands on some copies of this import for our web store. If you’re interested in one, shoot me an email.

We also have landed some footage of the Arts The Beatdoctor Experiment performing “Sleep” live with Paradox (a.k.a. Pax) of Pax & Pry. Check it: