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Sep 30 2007

I’m Going to Europe!

I will be visiting Europe for the first time from October 12-22 to meet all my favorite Dutchies. I’ll be the tall guy wearing a giant cowboy hat and American flag jacket…

The days are crammed with meeting Beats Broke artists and extended fam, digging with Inf, and seeing a few sights while I’m at it. If you bump into me there just might be a little surprise coming your way, so look out!

If you’d like to talk music, shoot me an email and we’ll see if we can cross paths.

Sep 28 2007

Commercial Music/Sound Design

Commissioned by: On
Directed by: Martijn Hogenkamp
Sound Design by: Matthias Kiewiet
Music by: Matthias Kiewiet & Inf

Contact for any custom music inquiries, and for your custom sound design needs.


Sep 10 2007

Inf’s Favorite Cuts – Vol. 3 (Vinyl Only)

photo: Roel Determeijer

Inf unveils volume 3 in his “Favorite Cuts” series! Compiled by the beat meister himself, these are vinyl only tracks which get a lot of spins after-hours in the studio. We love these songs and would rather share them with you than be nerds quietly sitting on a dusty goldmine. Seriously, what fun is that?

1. Labi Siffre – I Love You
2. Raymond Lefevre – L’unica Chance
3. Galt MacDermot – Hair
4. Quincy Jones – Sweet Soul Sister
5. Steele Pulse – Handsworth Revolution
6. Michel Ripoche – Mirage
7. The Message – Is That The Way
8. Michel Delpeche – Mon Equipage
9. Mandigo – Black Rite
10. Millie Jackson – I Don’t Want To Be Right / The Rap

Download: Inf’s Favorite Cuts – Vol. 3 (Vinyl Only)

Sep 6 2007

Utrecht Don’t Stop

PerC was back on the air Wednesday with the extended Beats Broke fam. Check out the third broadcast hour for a whole slew of freshness. We got a double-dose of PerCeptie…we got new Skiggy Rapz (Keynote Speakerz)…we got Pax & Pry…we got Kapabel…we got a new Inf beat (from his in-the-works “Infstrumentals” album).

Utrecht don’t stop. Listen up!

1. PerCeptie – Kruistocht
2. Keynote Speakerz – It’s Like This
3. Keynote Speakerz – Don’t Stop
4. Pharoahe Monch – Agent Orange
5. Knobsticker – Arch Nemesis No. 1
6. Pax & Pry – Day at the Office
7. Kapabel – Beter Wel
8. Ulysses – Electro Freak (van een plaat uit 1979 met de title U-tracks)
9. Keynote Speakerz – Find Myself
10. Inf – Infstrumental
11. Fata Morgana – Smoke Met Me
12. Diggy Dex – De Meest Exclusieve Jansen
13. PerCeptie – Neem Het Voortouw