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Sep 30 2008

RTV Utrecht: Beats Broke Feature with Arts and Inf

Dutch television station RTV Utrecht ran a feature on Beats Broke artists Arts The Beatdoctor and Inf. Get a sneak peak into Arts’ studio, and a snippet from his (in progress) sophomore full-length. Unfortunately, for our English-only viewers, the story is in Dutch. Regardless, it’s a fun watch.

In other news, INF IS A DADDY!!! He and Neeta had their first child on Sunday. His name is Sanjay, and we are proud to welcome him to the family. Inf said he is excited to have finally have his first INFant.  :)

Sep 24 2008

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Pax & Pry – “True and You Know It”

Today marks the world-premiere of the first Pax & Pry music video, and boy did they do it proper! Director Mike Fugers simply killed the visuals. The single is called “True and You Know It,” and it’s off their 2007 debut self-titled album.

The digital version of their full-length is available for free download at, and the vinyl version (limited to 300 numbered copies) is available here at Beats Broke for only $12.99. Yes, we ship worldwide!


Sep 23 2008

FREE Cool Kids Show September 26 in Austin, TX


Rolling Stone is throwing a free show the opening night of the Austin City Limits Music Festival (Friday, September 26th). RSVP online to get on the list to see Belaire, Voxtrot, and The Cool Kids take the stage at The Mohawk on 912 Red River. Doors open at 8 pm, and the good times and high fives don’t end until 2 am. Rumor has it you don’t have to dress like the 80′s puked on you to get into the concert.

Or, if you care about the state of your country (guilt trip), you’ll be at home that evening watching the presidential debates. It’s Obama vs. McCain in the first of three make-or-break debates which will determine the next leader of our country. This Friday’s debate will take place at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS, and will focus on foreign policy.

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin won’t be given the opportunity to have the stage Friday night. This is unfortunate, as her ongoing relations with North Pole head Santa Claus mark her the obvious topic expert.

Sep 22 2008

Kraak & Smaak on Rhapsody Commercial

Rhapsody premiered a brand spanking new commercial two weeks ago during the MTV VMA’s which has been getting hella play in the US. Featured is the song “Squeeze Me” by Netherlands artists Kraak & Smaak. Yeah! I can’t get enough of Kraak & Smaak, and I had to share the Dutch connect.

Also in the ad is a song by some dude named “David Bowie.” Whoever he is, he’ll never make it in the biz with a boring name like that…

Here’s the commercial currently running:

And here’s the video for the single “Sqeeze Me”:

Sep 20 2008

Label Feature on Dutch Website 3VOOR12


Bas van Duren at 3VOOR12, a popular Dutch music source, ran a label feature on Beats Broke. Unfortunately for our English-only readers, the article is entirely in Dutch. However, you can use a free translation site to get the jist of the story. I think Inf called me a “slave driver.”

Or, just give Inf a call and he’ll personally translate it for you (then talk sweet to your girl). He’s a smooth operator.

Beats Broke Feature:

“Iedere muziekliefhebber kent de stad Austin in Texas. Het SXSW-festival is al jarenlang een fenomeen en met “The Live Music Capital of the World” als slogan, moet Austin wel een muzikaal paradijs zijn. Minder bekend in Nederland is het Beats Broke-label van Ryan Goeller. Vanuit Austin heeft Goeller vijf Utrechtse hiphopartiesten gestrikt: Arts the Beatdoctor, Kapabel, Inf en Pax & Pry. Naast internet-releases kent Beats Broke een fysieke release: de Progressions EP van Arts the Beatdoctor. Maar hoe heeft een boomlange Amerikaan hiphop uit Utrecht gevonden? Internet?”

Read more…

Sep 19 2008

Beats Broke Interview on Austin Sound Check


Ana Wolken over at Austin Sound Check ran a feature on Beats Broke a few days ago. That girl loves her hip-hop, and we love her.

Here’s what she had to say:

“When most people think of Austin Music, they don’t often associate our fair town with hip-hop. Austin-based label Beats Broke is swimming against the current of Austin Music and bringing something new and refreshing to the table. Beats Broke works almost exclusively with hip-hop artists from The Netherlands.

Ryan Goeller, founder of Beats Broke, recently took some time to answer questions about what influenced him to work with Dutch artists as well as US contemporaries that he’s currently jamming. Read below for the interview, along with information on the new album by Beats Broke artist Arts the Beatdoctor.”

Read more…

Sep 17 2008

Freestlye Rap Battle: Translated

For those of you who don’t understand the language of hip-hop, the following video will translate what is being said during a rap battle.

This is also what I sound like when I freestyle.

Sep 16 2008

Q-Tip is back with “The Renaissance”

Q-Tip is about to drop his first full-length album in nine years!!! The much anticipated record, entitled “The Renaissance”, will be released via Universal / Motown on November 4 (the same day as the US general election).

The newly released single is called Getting Up, and and Tip is sounding just as good as ever. If the rest of the album is anything like this, it could be a contender for album of the year.

However, we must take into account the KoRn feature which rounded out “Amplified” last time around. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!? SHAME ON YOU TIP. SHAME ON YOU DILLA. It took me these nine long years to get that sour taste out of my mouth!

My concern is the political-tinged release date of “The Renaissance” and it’s album opening Obama sample could be a bad start to another potentially banging record, especially considering the test of time (and a plausible McCain victory). Let’s all just pray that Jonathan Davis doesn’t appear on that Barack track.

And here’s a little something extra to remember how sweet life used to be…

Sep 15 2008 selects “Progressions” as Song of the Day

selected Arts The Beatdoctor’s track “Progressions” as their song of the day. Rule!

There are a lot of countless music blogs out there which simply rehash goings on, but these guys really have it down. I’ve yet to find another site which matches the quality and focus as YYY. Everything on there is money, and we’re honored that they would select our music.

Also check out their exclusive podcasts. They’re free to download, and will blow your brain.