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Jan 26 2008

Flashback: Ill Al Skratch (have they found their homiez, yet?)

I’ve been on a kick lately to re-discover lost B-level hip-hop albums from the mid-90s. I think it’s either a sign of a quarter-life crisis, or a desperate attempt to remember what it was like to be easily susceptible to suggestion.

Digging deep into my memories of staying up late to watch Yo! MTV Raps, I flashed back to two dudes wearing backwards Punisher jackets asking where their homiez where at. It was a light bulb moment. EBAY!

Enter the world (and my mailbox one week later) Ill Al Skratch.

This album is a work of genius. I mean, Ill and Al Skratch manage to make a 54 minute full-length out of asking each other where their homiez are at. We even discover where their homiez are at in under 3 minutes AND what they are doing: “Creep’n through the hood / Up to no good.”

Yet, the album relentlessly trods forward, posing the question and inviting the listener to creep with them through their neighborhood. Here’s a sampling of the first half of the album which plays out like an extended single:

Track 1 – ”Where My Homiez?” (asked live in a club at the 0:05 mark)
Track 2 – “Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)” (the single)
Track 3
Track 4 – Ill raps “I made that jam with my man about the homiez” (and, he did!)
Track 5
– Ill raps “‘Homiez’ was our single debut” (i.e. Track 2)
Track 6 – “Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) (Dub Version)” (REMIX!!!)

It’s all a bit confusing. They ask where their homiez are at (we’re told they’re in the hood), then we’re asked to creep with them and their homiez through the hood (I thought they couldn’t find their homiez?). I’m beginning to think they were simply lost and wanted to make a record to discover where they were located.

Complaints are made that more libraries need to be built in the hood. I disagree. What the hood obviously needs is more visible street signs and a map/compass program to help its residents figure out where the hell they are.

All confusion about their homiez aside, I’m not afraid to say I love this album…and not just in the ironic hipster sort of way. New Jack Swing will never die, and the day I don’t have access to hip-hop smoothed out on the r&b tip is the day I give up looking for my homiez.

Now here it is, your moment of Zen…

Jan 15 2008

I Love Donuts LOVES Kapabel & Inf


I Love Donuts reviewed the new Kapabel & Inf EP, and gave it two sugar-coated thumbs up!

Here’s what they have to say…

  • “You’d be crazy to sleep on it”
  • “RZA style crashes”
  • “The depth and quality…really merits full album status”

If you haven’t heard it the album, then download it for free already. There are no tricks, catches, logins or any of that dirty industry junk. You get nothing but mp3s which can play on any digital media player, and it’s LEGAL! No need to worry about black helicopters circling your crib or the man busting down your door. We are democracy in action.

Jan 12 2008

Krumbsnatcha feat. M.O.P. – W.O.L.V.E.S. (Inf Remix)

Oh no he did-un’t!

Inf remixed his heroes M.O.P. on a Krumbsnatcha track for fun. I would have choosen Onyx, but beggars can’t be chosers…

You can play it below. Or, download it for free and play it in your iPod-type device.

Jan 6 2008

perCeptie – Debut Album!

I just got a copy of the debut album by perCeptie, and hot damn is it good!

Produced almost entirely by our man Inf (with 2 tracks by Bink), perCeptie transcends the Dutch language and brings a release that any lover of hip-hop will hold close to their hearts. I understand about 5 words on the album, yet I feel chills when I pop it in. Congratulations friend, you did it!

To prove I’m not biased, here is a review of perCeptie’s release party with Kapabel, and a review of perCeptie:

Support the fam by purchasing a copy of perCeptie’s self-titled release. You can visit his websites below or drop him an email.  |

Finally, watch perCeptie kill it at his release party. About half of the show has been uploaded to YouTube for your viewing enjoyment.


Jan 2 2008

Pax & Pry – Interview


I Love Donuts posted a fantastic interview with Pax & Pry over Christmas break!

Discover which one of them lives in the forest, and which one drums better than Animal from the Muppets. I highly encourage you to check it out.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a limited-edition vinyl copy of Pax & Pry’s A Day at the Office. The pressing was limited to 300 units, and each lp is hand-numbered.