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Feb 12 2008

I Love Donuts Interviews Kapabel & Inf (World Exclusive)


I Love Donuts came back for more by conducting a world exclusive interview with Kapabel & Inf. The new feature digs into their backgrounds, and explains how Kapabel & Inf put the fun back in hip-hop.

In case you haven’t noticed, I Love Donuts just redesigned their website. I’m digging the new neon donuts. Mmmm…neon donuts…

They also are hosting the new C-Mon & Kypski mixtape “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much,” which is available as a free download. It’s chopped full of Dutch bangers. Let’s all download it to eat up Donut’s bandwidth.

Feb 10 2008

And the Grammy for Best Rap Album Goes to…


Kanye just accepted his Grammy for rap album of the year. He was dressed like fool, and as cocky as ever. He also appeared as high as a kite, lethargic and blunted. He questioned the Grammy crew on their timing of the “walk away” music, and then stumbled into his mother’s recent death stating, “It would be respectful to stop the music now.” Final note was made of him becoming the world’s number one artist, as that’s what his mother would want.

Kanye also mentioned he made a cross genre album, which I find interesting. Graduation is a straight hip-hop album, with a “dance” single sampled from Daft Punk. Yeah, I know there are another 2-3 songs with a faster tempo and some keyboards, but he hardly stretched the limits, let alone crossed genres. He just made a fun poppy album.

I’m glad Kanye won, but Common was the nominee who I feel deserved to win the award this year. Common’s (Kanye West produced) album was untouchable from start to finish. He’s a timeless emcee, who made yet another timeless (and unrecognized) album.

Vince Gill topped off the evening by accepting a Grammy from Ringo Starr. As he stepped to the podium, he exclaimed, “Wow, I just got an award from a Beatle…have you ever gotten THAT Kanye?”


Feb 5 2008

Old-School Rap Musings


I got the below email from a friend musing on old-school rap. He’s hilariously honest and believes stereotypes are a time-saver. Enjoy!

I’ve been listening to the old-school rap channel on Sirius non-stop for about 3 days. I’ve realized a few things:

  • There will never be a better sample than the bells in the Peter Piper beat by RUN DMC.

  • There is absolutely no reason why Heavy D had a huge crossover career and Big Daddy Kane did not.

  • 95% of all Tribe Called Quest songs were terrible, except for the 5% that were genius.

  • No matter what anyone tries to tell you, women can’t rap.

  • Old-school rap, for the most part, isn’t nearly as good as I remember it.”

Feb 3 2008

perCeptie = Artist of the Week (CD Giveaway)


Music From NL just awarded perCeptie the artist of the week. They’re freaking out over the record, and have him break down each song track-by-track. The entire album (with the exception of 2 songs) was produced by our own Inf.

The site is also giving away CD’s. If you can read Dutch, you can figure out how to win…  :)

If you can’t read Dutch, I’ll hopefully be getting some imported copies of the album for our store. It’s a pretty amazing piece of work, and the art is killer!

photo: Roel Determeijer