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Jul 29 2014

ON SALE TODAY: Royal with Cheese & Inf

Royal with Cheese & Inf (BRK-19 & 20)

We’re proud to announce our latest release Insectenleven by Royal with Cheese & Inf. The 14-track album is loosely based on Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, and is teaming with references about the transformation from man to insect by Dutch rapper Royal with Cheese over Inf‘s signature boom-bap production.

We’re also unveiling the video for Des Moires – a song which expresses the disgust and alienation which results from this metamorphosis.

BUY ALBUM: Beats BrokeiTunes


1. Kennisgeving
2. Laozi
3. Goed Ontmoet
4. Des Moires
5. Insectenstad
6. Goed Fout
7. Walging & Angst (feat. Ciph Barker & Reggy Lines)
8. Dan Stil (feat. K1 Kerbusch)
9. Broodje Knokkel
10. Vrolijk Liedje
11. Elegie
12. Dans
13. Koude Schouders
14. Kafka