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Aug 29 2008

Fantastic ‘Fresh Prince’ Parody

Here’s a fantastic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody music video I have to share called “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home.” It’s by a rapper named Shad out of London, Ontario.

The executive is perfect; Shad nailed the opening title sequence scene for scene. The song itself is also bump-worthy, despite being upstaged by the concept and visuals. Exciting.

Aug 27 2008

Beats Broke is for the Children


No, that’s not a pillow tucked up underneath that Analog T-Shirt – it’s Inf’s upcoming release. :)

Dropping (literally…am I right ladies?) in less than two months, Inf and Neeta will unveil to the world their first child. Though, they’re keeping the baby’s name a secret until it’s born, they wanted to let everyone know that IT’S A BOY!!! Inf added, “He is going to be an emcee.”

Congratulations to you both! We’re excited to welcome your upcoming bundle of joy into the Beats Broke family!