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Dec 12 2009

Eefje Wins Dutch Grand Prize!

Eefje wint Grote Prijs van Nederland - Singer/Songwriter

We’re proud to announce that Eefje (Skiggy Rapz’ girlfriend) won ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland‘ in the singer/songwriter category. Congratulations Eefy…we’re so proud of you!

Skiggy won the hip-hop/r&b category a few years back, making them the first Grand Prize couple of Holland. If you two ever have children, I’m putting money on them winning in 2032.

We’re expecting great things from you, Eefje. You are a master melody maker, and we’re completely envious. Here’s to your future!

Eefje – “Hartslag”

Dec 11 2009

Hip-Hop Lives in Utrecht ( feature)


The hip-hop artists of Holland are known for their hippie-like work ethics, cross-collaborations, and unexpected pairings. Hip-hop is evolving, and the epicenter of the blast lies in Utrecht. recently ran an extensive feature on Utrecht’s scene, how it began, and where it’s headed. I even got in on some cross-continental interview action. Boom!

If you English speakers need help on the Dutch, check

Dec 8 2009

Poem: Vinyl Ups And Downs


Everyone used to love vinyl.
Then everyone hated vinyl.
Now everyone loves vinyl again.
But in the very near future
Everyone will hate vinyl

(December 2009)