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Jun 2 2010

Beats Broke: Status Update


It’s been too damn long since our last post. I’m the first to hate on excuses, but there’s some exciting things going on with Beats Broke that have been consuming our focus. We’re overdue, so here is a snapshot of what’s been going down:

1) We just moved into a new office! There are still boxes sitting around, and records laying stacked on the floor – we’re debating if we should organize them alphabetically, chronologically, or autobiographically (bad High Fidelity joke). Seriously though, new digs are much needed and appreciated.

2) I’ve been executive producing a new group – Leadsmen. This is the electronic output of YaDamnSkippy! + fellow producer. Demos are being flushed out and they’re sounding lovely. Real hard, yet delicate tracks that’ll pulse in your head for weeks. We’re working on a digital 12″, and will hit you with more details when we know them ourselves. Exciting.

3) I’m overseeing production on Inf’s remix album for Utrecht, NL label Beluga. He’s basically flipping selections from their catalog. A fun side-project. After that, we’ll be dropping two solo Inf tracks of him RAPPING! Yes, Inf used to be a rapper, and I managed to convince him to dust off his notebook and give us some more sarcastic gems. It’s been over five years since he’s picked up a pen, and he’s honestly tighter than ever.

4) We got more Skiggy Rapz songs placed on MTV! Word is we’ve made the DVD box set for Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and we’ll be on Season 2, Episode 2 of Jersey Shore. Now, get down to the beach and start fist-pumping with The Situation! Also heard word that Fuel TV used some songs for a snowboarding show. BOOM!

5) Most importantly, we’ve been scratching our heads on how to progress in these ever-changing times. Record labels are folding left and right, and we’re going to fight like hell to keep creating and supporting the music we love. To do so, however, we need to adapt our current business model. Don’t worry, Beats Broke as a label isn’t going anywhere. What’s changing are our capabilities.

We’re going to bring in a new partner by the name of David Reyneke who is the founder of David’s dream is to focus full-time on artist relations, so we’ve created an opportunity to work together. David will be heading our newly created marketing/pr department. He will work on in-house campaigns, as well as concentrate on external non-roster artists and events.

Furthermore, we’re going to focus on licensing/publishing and sound design. We’ve done our fair share, but it’s never been pushed to the degree that it needs to be. Added support will be brought in, and we’ll highlight past work we’ve done for ABC News, Seat, and Dell (among others), and push for new work/opportunities.

Lastly, all of these changes will be reflected in an updated Beats Broke website. We’re working on time lines and planning at the moment, but we expect to have everything live by late Summer. I’m saying this publicly so we’re held to it, damnit!

This is Beats Broke.

P.S. – I also will be adding the entire Colemine Records catalog to our store, along with recent releases from the Q4, a new import compilation Skiggy Rapz is featured on from Japan’s P-Vine Records, and a restock of Arts The Beatdoctor’s Transitions on CD. Bump.