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Sep 4 2013

New Video + Remix Contest

New Skiggy Rapz Video

“Shilly Tilly” has become a fan favorite, so we had to drop a video. The track is from Skiggy Rapz 2nd full length album Satellites which was released in January 2013. Like all his tracks, this one is written, produced & mixed by Skiggy himself. The video was shot and edited by Freelens Visuals.

“Shilly Tilly” Remix Contest

But that’s not all – if you make beats, enter the “Shilly Tilly” remix contest. Download the acapella and chorus vocals files and flip it. When you’ve finished your remix, upload it to Skiggy Rapz Facebook page. On September 24, Skiggy will announce the winner and award a copy of each his solo releases, including vinyl LP.