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Oct 25 2007

United Nations

After a few years of working together through emails and brief international calls, I finally got to meet Inf – the man behind the boards. Here we are pictured at the Hair premiere in Brenda, NL where Inf and Illvester dj’d the red carpet and after party at the Chassé Theater.

The trip to Holland was fantastic, though I had to let go of the fact I couldn’t drive myself around. Driver’s courses and licenses are very expensive, and cars are taxed by weight, so most people just peddle or walk their way. My ride was a busted-ass grandma bike, which was the biggest test of the trip as I haven’t ridden since I was probably 12 years old. I managed to pick it up in a matter of minutes and hit the streets like I never stopped riding.

I think the most refreshing part of the trip was meeting all the creative, energetic, and positive people of Utrecht. They really have a great thing going over there as everyone works together collaboratively, never attempting to outdo one another but to push forward the sound and skill of their city.

To limit my gushing about the wonders of Holland, I decided to put together a completely biased top five list of my trip highs and lows. Brace yourself for some truly unabashed American observations…

1) Bicycles!
2) Happy Positive People
3) Dutch Snack Foods
4) Public Transportation
5) Really Cheap Heineken

1) Bicycle Locks
2) Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate
3) No Free Tap Water at Restaurants
4) Restroom Fees
5) Impossible Parking

Oct 24 2007


I’m back in the US after a wonderful trip overseas!

There are many big updates to come in the next few days, but for now another shakeup in the music industry. OiNK, a beloved bit torrent host, has just been shutdown and its admin has been arrested. While major labels may feel they have won another small battle, illegal downloaders will have little sympathy and will continue to find THEIR music THEIR way through alternative torrents and mp3 blogs.

I feel the best approach as an independent label is to embrace file sharing as a powerful means of free promotion and look for other creative avenues to assist both label and artist in turning a profit.

Oct 4 2007

Utreg Centraal Vier

On October 19th, the Boemklatsch crew will be presenting Utreg Centraal Vier – an annual showcase of Utrecht’s hottest talent. This years lineup features Beats Broke artists and extended family Kapabel & Inf, Arts the Beatdoctor, PerCeptie, and Pax & Pry.

But wait, there’s more! The awesomeness continues as I will be in attendance live and direct all the way from Austin, Texas to meet old friends and make new ones. Remember, it’s good international diplomacy to offer free drinks to Americans at rap shows.

Friday, October 19th
Doors @ 20:30 / Show @ 21:15
€ 10