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Feb 28 2012

ON SALE TODAY: Everliven Sound & Inf

Everliven Sound & Inf (BRK-10 & 11)

Everliven Sound (Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam) met Inf at a Dutch music festival in 2010. Impressed with his beats, they decied to write and record an album in the nine days they were together. This proceeded as planned until a vital hard drive was dropped and the album vocal sessions were lost. “I didn’t crumble or crack,” proclaims Cymarshall Law on “Take It Back” which documents the event as the brothers re-recorded every track before being whisked away. The end result is Everlations and Everlations Instrumentals for you beat heads.

BUY MP3 ALBUM: Beats Broke ($7.99) – iTunes ($9.90)

BUY MP3 INSTRUMENTALS: Beats Broke ($7.99) – iTunes ($9.90)

1. Take It Back (feat. Tomas Delfgaauw)
2. Lone Ranger (feat. Sarah-Ellen Saija) OFFICIAL VIDEO
3. Sound Of The Everliven
4. The Hypenod (feat. DJ Prace)
5. No Boundaries (feat. Max, What’s His Name, perCeptie, Reazun)
6. Power Lines (feat. DJ Prace)
7. Stop (feat. Kapabel)
8. See It Through The Fingers (feat. Pax, DJ Prace)
9. She Is The Reason (feat. Kapabel) [produced by Nangdo]
10. All I Know (feat. Pax, Niels Broos)
Feb 13 2012

Leadsmen Mixtape – Free Download

Potholes In My Blog asked Leadsmen to make an exclusive mixtape, and they gladly accepted the challenge. It contains some of our favorite songs, continuously mixed with yet-to-be released Leadsmen tracks, remixes, and a highly anticipated project w/ Max Fischer. Download it for free [right click, save-as], or stream it on their website.

1. Randy P – “This Is Leadsmen”
2. Leadsmen – “Blessed Pedestrian”
3. Numaads – “Now” (Robot Koch Remix)
4. Louis Bordeaux – “Ecstasy”
5. Shahmen – “The Snake” (Leadsmen Remix)
6. Amon Tobin – “Keep Your Distance”
7. Eskmo – “Agnus Dei”
8. Noisia – “Split The Atom”
9. The Prodigy – “Take Me To The Hospital”
10. Nobody Beats The Drum – “Grindin’”
11. Leadsmen – “Whapss!”
12. Burial – “Archangel”
13. Arts The Beatdoctor – “Ghost In The Machine”
14. Max Fischer & Leadsmen – “Mind’s Eye”
15. Trentemøller – “Silver Surfer, Ghost RIder Go!” (Lulu Rouge & Abdullah S Remix)
16. Leadsmen – “Scapism”
17. Pantha du Prince – “Lay In A Shimmer”
18. Pop Levi – “Blue Honey”
19. Fink – “This Is The Thing” (EL-B’s Digital Remix)
20. Leadsmen – Words Unspoken