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Mar 18 2007

Inf – Production Work

If you’re interested in Inf producing a track or doing a remix for you, please contact

Here are five samples of some recent work (the overlayed vocals are for copyright protection):

1] Inf 0029
2] Inf 0042
3] Inf 0044
4] Inf 0061
5] Inf 0084

Mar 12 2007

Jiggy Djé (feat Spacekees) – "Check 1-2"


Mar 11 2007

Inf Remixes Cursive

Inf remixed the Cursive song “Bad Sects” for a contest the band threw. Still waiting on the results, but you can download our version below.

Everything you hear, with the exception of the funky keyboards, was chopped up and rearranged from Cursive’s original instruments. No samples were used.

Download: Inf – Bad Sects (Beats Broke Remix)
Download: Cursive – Bad Sects (Original Version)