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Oct 30 2010

Skiggy Rapz featured on and “Football Wives”

Word has just been passed to us from the VH1 mountaintop that “Sure Shot” will appear on the new episode of their most popular show “Football Wives.” The episode (102) entitled “Dog Walkers and Smack Talkers” will premiere on Sunday, October 31st at 10:30 am (central), and re-run 4 more times throughout that day in case you can’t wake up that early.

On top of that, Skiggy is featured on VH1′s website, and on the “Football Wives” homepage. The Weasel has never looked better.

Finally, we discovered that two Skiggy songs were featured on The Real World: Washington D.C. back in February. The episode is entitled “Out of the Closet and Onto the Stage.” We think it’s about picking the perfect outfit for a show, but don’t understand why everyone has a lisp. You can stream that full episode online.

Skiggy is starting to work on his follow-up full-length. In the meantime, support his future work by picking up his EP on iTunes for only $5.99.