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Hip-hop originated by the Everyman, for the Everyman: it's music for the people. Rapper / producer YaDamnSkippy! is one artist who still gives the Everyman his musical therapy. Through his personal, poetic narratives, YaDamnSkippy! creates a place for life’s struggles to manifest in his lyrics, ultimately culminating in triumph. His sense of introspection is invaluable, lending a critical element of wisdom and insight to his music. Rooted in the Netherlands, YaDamnSkippy! brings an eclectic mix of musical influences including electronic, jazz, rock, and spoken word.

Ever since his days as a member of the group Double Helix with Inf, YaDamnSkippy! has honed his knack for intelligent wordplay, imagery, and precise delivery. Upon changing their name to Monotypes, YaDamnSkippy! and Inf released their first and only album as a group. Operating as a solo artist, YaDamnSkippy! then completed his debut album, Vital Function, in 2009 for Beats Broke. Featuring production from Arts the Beatdoctor, Inf, Sense, and YaDamnSkippy! himself, Vital Function plays on the darker side of life, but with an uplifting resolve. The album features additional guest spots from Cassidy, Misc., Anyta, BLS, and Fen.

When he’s not spending hours twisting words into fantastic rhymes, YaDamnSkippy! can be found tinkering with noises for his sound design company KLOAQ. It is here, and in his electro group, Leadsmen, where he finds himself perfecting his production skills to reach the highest potential with his music.



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