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Skiggy Rapz (pronounced "Skid-jee Raps") is a Dutch-born rapper and producer who's developed a glossy, love-filled mix of hip-hop and pop. With his crisp, rapid-fire flow combined with catchy hooks, Skiggy creates hip-hop that is simultaneously underground and commercially viable. His most accessible album to date, Satellites, will be released January 29, 2013.

Before his first album Boat Drinks (2004) was even realized, Skiggy Rapz won the Grote Prijs van Nederland (Grand Prize of the Netherlands), a national award for emerging artists. In 2007, he released the full-length Record as a member of Keynote Speakerz with Master Surreal. Skiggy also produced three albums for Dutch rapper Diggy Dex, and in 2009 he co-produced Diggy Dex's "Slaap Lekker," a number-one single in the Netherlands featuring Eva de Roovere.

In 2009, Skiggy Rapz released the Bang to the Boogie EP on Beats Broke. The EP highlights his blending of genres, upbeat rhythms, and singalong hooks.

Skiggy Rapz hit a licensing windfall in 2010 when MTV, VH1, and FUEL TV latched onto his growing buzz. His songs have been featured on programs including Jersey Shore, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, and The Real World. Skiggy has produced commercial tracks for McDonalds, Martini, and Samsung, and he has licensed tracks to over 15 international albums since 2005.

Recently, Skiggy Rapz performed in Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinburg, Russia, and Oslo, Norway, and he officially showcased at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas in 2011. He has toured extensively as a solo artist and as support, backing Diggy Dex and fellow Dutch producer Arts The Beatdoctor (SXSW and Poland in 2009). Skiggy has also opened for notable hip-hop legends KRS-One, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Guru, Nas, and Kanye West.

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01/09/13 Skiggy Rapz - The Global Playbook
05/12/09 Skiggy Rapz - 3voor12
05/11/09 Skiggy Rapz - NL30


Skiggy Rapz
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Skiggy Rapz
Ready For The Fire [Single]
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Skiggy Rapz
Satellites [Single]
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Skiggy Rapz
What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Skiggy Rapz
Bang To The Boogie EP
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Keynote Speakerz

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