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These are the adventures of Kapabel & Inf:

De Avonturen Van... takes the listener on a journey, deep in to the world of these two creative minds. Kapabel maneuvers between boombap, fairytales and poetry, as Inf proves his reputation for making beats filled with strange and bizarre samples.

Kapabel is an emcee who started writing verses in Dutch by the age of 16. He toured with hip-hop group LK until returning to his adopted hometown of Utrecht. There he hooked up with emcees Rochus, perCeptie and Reazun. The ultra-creative undercurrent of this environment inspired him to start work on new material.

But things didn't fall in to place until perCeptie suggested Kapabel team up with beatsmith Inf for an EP. Kapabel’s reaction was, “BETER WEL!” (translated roughly to “For Sure!”) The pieces fit so well that Kapabel and Inf had most of the project together within a month.

Inf (who answers to Bas te Braak at family functions) began rapping in the early 90s. Forced to learn production to back his rhymes, he began making beats in 1995. Six albums later, he’s delaying his dreams of one day forming an M.O.P. tribute group to team up with Kapabel on a tweaked-out story tale adventure.

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Kapabel & Inf

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